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Power Transformers

Power Transformers

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Power Transformers
  • Input Voltage Up to 132 KV
  • Phase Single Phase, Three Phase
  • Output Voltage 3.3 to 33 KV
  • Power 3.15 to 20 MVA
  • power distribution system 3 or 1 phase
  • voltage up to 132 KV
  • Capacity 3.15 to 20 MVA
Power transformers are offered for large power distribution system in 3 or 1 phase version with primary voltage up to 132 KV & secondary voltage ranging from 3.3 to 33 KV and capacity 3.15 to 20 MVA. We manufacture power transformers, distribution power transformers, and single phase power transformers.

Model Overview:
    • 'Tap Changer' options available
    • "Off Circuit Manually Operated" and "On Load Tap Changer" (OLTC) with AVR and RTCC panel
    • Prime quality, low loss, high permeability 'Cold Rolled Grain Oriented' silicon steel for core to achieve low no-load losses
    • Electrolytic copper with insulating paper multi-covered round wires and strips for both the primary and secondary windings to achieve low load losses
    • ONAN /ONAF cooling with conventional pressed steel radiators
    • Terminal arrangement is done for primary and secondary as per site requirements in these power Power Transformers and single phase Power Transformers
    • Low viscosity power distribution transformer oil within numerous superior grades for specific usage

    We offer a wide range of power transformers, distribution power transformers, single phase power transformers, industrial distribution power transformers, electrical power transformers, high voltage power transformers, small power transformers, single phase power Power Transformers, three phase power Power Transformers, industrial power transformers.

    Application of TransformerPower / Distribution / Furnace etc.
    Capacity Of TransformerkV
    Primary Voltage RatiokV
    Secondary Voltage RatioFremycetin Sulphate B.P. 1% w/w
    Type of TransformerOil Cooled / Air Cooled VPI or CRT

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