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Convertor Duty Transformers

Converter Duty Transformers

Converter Duty Transformers

Converter duty transformers are used as set up transformer from generator to line voltage. Converter duty transformers have ranged up to 10 MVA with the voltage capacity of up to 33 KV. Converter transformers and heavy duty transformers have very durable and hassle free to be used by desired clients. It comes with an automatic on/off cooling option. We offer these automatic converter transformers and heavy duty transformers at a competitive price.

One of the main differences from other types of converter transformers is that the load currents contain higher harmonics due to the distorted waveform. The converter to the transformer causes the distorted current waveform. This has to be considered current leads to higher losses & temperatures in the transformer. Network regulations also require reduction of harmonic distortion.

The most common use for converter transformers are found in applications such as:
Model Overview:

Application of TransformerPower / Distribution / Furnace etc.
Capacity Of TransformerkV
Primary Voltage RatiokV
Secondary Voltage RatioFremycetin Sulphate B.P. 1% w/w
Type of TransformerOil Cooled / Air Cooled VPI or CRT
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Purpose of Requirement:

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